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USAFA Colorado

US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado:



“As a Spanish language instructor at a United States military academy in charge of planning new study abroad opportunities for cadets, I found a complete jewel in the rough with American Language Partnership (ALPI) in Santiago. ALPI provided a fantastic mix of dedicated instructors, great cultural and language excursions, centrally located facilities and the best real world immersion experience I have been involved with in 5 years of instruction. The cadets loved being in a city with a fantastic history and friendly people. The greatest single advantage of the school is the city of Santiago itself. You won’t run out of things to do, but it isn’t a tourist trap. The people generally don’t speak English well and that forces your students to sink or swim. I highly recommend the school and would return with cadets if given the opportunity. “


Instructor of Spanish USAFA/DFF

USAFA Colorado


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