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Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship

Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship:




 “The Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship (www.jkwatson.org) seeks internship opportunities for its Fellows entailing “meaningful work from which they can learn.”  In 2009 it forged an important partnership with the American Language Partnership leading to two successive Watson Fellows’ internships at the ALP in its main Santiago facility. I made a site visit to the ALP in 2010, the first summer we were working with them, and was greatly impressed with the excellent teaching and learning experience afforded our Fellow.  The Executive Director and the Director of Education were both very attentive to the needs and interests of our Fellow.   In 2011 a second Watson Fellow again had an excellent experience.   We now regard our collaboration with the ALP as an on-going arrangement, and look forward to placing future Watson Fellows with the Partnership whenever there is a mutual interest.”

-Frank Wolf, Director, Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship


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