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Since 2003

Volunteer Abroad Program


Will learn the impact that even a drop of love and care will have on those in need. We believe that fun, caring, friendship and happiness are our most valuable tools to build a cohesive international family.

Volunteers are given orientation and introduced to the foundations we cooperate with located here in Santiago.

All program participants live with a Dominican homestay (private apartments optional). At the hospital, facilities are modern, and the hospital focuses on the medical needs of children, adding spiritual as well as material support for their families. The program is non-denominational, and all are welcome.

Activities: teaching English, computer skills, arts and crafts, singing, play and social activities with the children. Programs include living accommodations in a Dominican homestay. In addition to your volunteer activity you will «live» a slice of Dominican life.

Programs may be tailored to the needs of the individual or group. Those wishing to opt out of Spanish language classes and cultural excursions are also welcome. Roughly 1,700 Dominicans study English at ALPI Spanish School’s two facilities located in downtown Santiago, so there will be plenty of opportunity for social interaction.

The desire for cross-cultural experience, an open mind and a giving heart are essential.


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