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Medical Spanish For Health Care

Spanish for Medical Professionals

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Classroom practice focuses on the listening and speaking skills while providing a basis in grammar. Unique to our program is the class “outside” the classroom. Online courses and conventional classroom programs fall far short of accomplishing what you will experience with our faculty who are also medical and pre-medical students. Hands-on practice and participation is an essential part of this program. Daily(?)weekly(?) visits to private and public hospitals and clinics along with discussions with the faculty, staff and patients are organized and included in your schedule.

For pre-med and medical students, doctors, nurses, and all medical professionals and support staff working in nursing and healthcare occupations who need to increase their effectiveness with Spanish speaking patients, this program is designed as an “immersion language course” organized around the needs of today’s medical professionals. This program teaches relevant Spanish medical vocabulary, sentences, and phrases that will immediately facilitate vital communication with your patient. Program participants will immediately learn how to cross the cultural barrier and interact with actual patients and their family members.

This program caters to all levels of Spanish speakers. Basic aspects of the program will cover the following:

     Vocabulary and phrases

     Introductions and chief complaint

     History of present illness

     Past medical history

     Review of systems: pulmonary, GI, reproductive, musculoskeletal, urinary, neurologic

     Clinical interviews (mock and real)


     You’ll be able to offer immediate help to your Spanish-speaking patients.

     No more waiting for a translator.

     Increased efficiency; Save time for your patients and your department.

     Your patients will appreciate your efforts and feel more trusting of their health care facility.

     Your patients will feel less intimidated if they know they can be understood, especially at critical times.

American Language Partnership International cooperates with several local orphanages, public and private clinics, hospitals as well as a reputable private volunteer organization. Supplies (food, clothing, toys, etc.), monetary as well as spiritual contributions are much needed and appreciated.


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