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Housing & Accomodations

We encourage participants to live with a family to complete the «immersion» experience.

Students who choose ALPI‘s Home Stay Program become guests of Dominican families in their homes. This exposure to everyday family life in Santiago will provide you with the optimuim opportunity to practice your developing skills, and may be the most effective way to refine your Spanish.

You will be placed in a comfortable home within walking distance from ALPI. Guests will be furnished with a comfortable private room, linens and towels, breakfast & dinner, and laundry service.

The families are carfully chosen and screened to ensure a secure and comfortable stay. Many of our students have felt that the home stay was the most rewarding part of their experience, and often the home stay has led to a long lasting friendship with their host family.

If you prefer a place of your own, we will be happy to place you in our own private apartment also walking distance to ALPI. Apartments are equipped with cable, 24-hour security, uninterupted water and electric, laundry machine and kitchenette.

Dominican Homestay Living Accommodations

All hosts are well liked by ALPI staff. Homestays provide laundry service, clean linens, breakfast and dinner. Participant feedback has been consistently outstanding throughout the years, and homestays are the perfect complement to your cross cultural experience here in the Dominican Republic.

Homestay Host Family Rules

We place great importance on reserving the best matching family for you. All families are carefully selected and we have the reputation for providing excellent host families.

Living Accommodations

ALPI Spanish School offers «all-inclusive» Spanish language immersion programs in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. All programs come with a choice of living accommodations: Dominican homestay or private aparta-studio. The Dominican homestays places participants in the home of a local Dominican family and offers a private bedroom, laundry service, two meals/day, interaction and inclusion with the family. This is our most popular option and will enable participants to practice the Spanish they are learning in class. The aparta-studio is located walking distance from ALPI and includes cable TV, security, and kitchenette.

Private Aparta-Studio Accommodations

The “aparta-studios” are very popular with students who like a more independent stay. You have your own room including private bathroom and own equipped kitchen (or access to an equipped common kitchen). You prepare your meals yourself or together with other students. You can also enjoy many reasonably priced restaurants and bars nearby. You will have to respect the rules of the residences, but you are completely independent. The atmosphere is lively. You are in walking distance to school as well as to the “zona monumental”.


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