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Tips prior To Arrival


Here are some tips to help you prepare for your stay with us:

1) Please bring two photo copies of the photo page of your passport. One to keep with you (not inside your passport), and the other to be given to ALPI’s Director Victoria Gonzalez.

2) Don’t forget any prescription medications that you may be currently taking.

3) A travel size umbrella normally comes in very handy.

4) A pen to fill out the customs and visa forms at the airport upon arrival. Not having a pen will surely add to your delay.

5) A ten-dollar bill. Airport customs charges USD10 for the tourist visa, and they don’t like to give change.

6) Please bring the cell phone number of ALPI’s Director (or your designated contact person) with you, and keep it on your person.

7) Bringing an unblocked cell phone will give you the opportunity to change sim cards and acquire a local Dominican telephone number which will work with a pre-paid calling card. These cards are available at ALPI and most anywhere in the city.

8) An ATM card is compatible and should be used ONLY at the Banco Popular branch ATM machines here in the city.

9) There are linens at the apartment, however and depending on your preference, you may want to bring your own sheet and pillow cases.

10) You will need a bath towel (for the bath and/or the beach)

11) There is a dry cleaners near the apartment, however (and depending on your needs) a travel iron might come in handy.

12) The nearest «colmado» (mini-grocery) is a short walk from the apartment.

13) Keep with you at all times ALPI’s address and telephone number: Calle San Luis #83, casi esquina con Las Carerras, Santiago. Tel:(809)971-1422/971-1799

Regarding appropriate dress: prepare clothing that you would perhaps wear to the university for class during the summer. Sandles and shorts may be appropriate for some activities, however not so much for getting around the center of the city. You’ll want to pack a variety of light clothing for your stay. A bathing suit and water-proof shoes (crocks or surf shoes) will be important for any activity involving water. The “winter” months will produce a chill at night, so a light sweat-shirt will be needed.

Please remember that payment of your program in full will be due upon arrival and before the start of your program. You may pay via PayPal, cash (USD or DOP), or certified bank check.

Opting for airport pick up? Please tell us what you’ll be wearing upon your arrival to STI. A description of the color of your clothing will help our staff member pick you out of the crowd in the quickest possible way.


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