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ALPI Activities

Weekly social outings and activities organized by ALPI take place around the city. The island’s most stunning beaches are within one hour’s drive and the bustling capital is an hour and a half bus ride to the south. Guided excursions offered include a visit to surrounding mountains, waterfalls, museums, beaches, as well as historical and cultural points of interest.

Local baseball and basketball games are frequently held on city courts and fields. Join the staff for a visit, or join the game if you’re feeling confident. Do you think you know how to play Dominoes? The age-old game of Dominoes is a national pastime here. Easy to learn, but difficult to dominate. Learn to play as a team Dominican style!

Cafes, bars, restaurants are all around the “zona monumental”. Live music occurs weekly with live pulsating merengue, romantic ballads and dancing. This style of entertainment is normally outdoors as the cafes are open to the scenery. Ice-cold beer with Dominican appetizers, the fresh air perfumed with the sweet Caribbean breeze, and a breathtaking view of the city Monument along with good company and conversation. You’ll be speaking Spanish in no time!

Visits to museums and cultural centers are a fun and important part of your program. They give a wonderful interactive insight into Dominican society, history and culture. Perhaps the most rewarding of all will be your interaction with the Dominicans in the institute, at the homestay, and around the city.


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