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Why Alpi?

ALPI Spanish School has hosted thousands of participants since 2003. We pride ourselves on our reputation for productive, exciting and safe Spanish language immersion programs here in the charming city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Our uncompromising dedication to QUALITY, SAFETY, ORGANIZATION, and PROFESSIONALISM has made us the leading Spanish language school of the Latin Caribbean.

ALPI’S language immersion programs are unique. While books and computer programs are helpful, the most effective language learning technique is immersing the learner in the culture of the target language. Speaking a language is more than just understanding what you read, or repeating a few important phrases. Mastering a language means to be able to effectively express your feelings and ideas both in the workplace as well as on the social level. Language and social skills are closely combined, and each culture requires its own unique combination. At ALPI, participants focus on the speaking and listening skills. Included is a foundation in grammar which is integrated into our programs. Learning takes place inside and outside the classroom with guided trips to the fire station, cultural centers, and the countryside. You will be exposed to and interact with a broad spectrum of Dominican culture.

Participants quickly bond with our helpful and friendly faculty and staff. You’ll run into friends throughout the day. Participants accompany their professors to the local fire station to interview the firemen. They will tell you about their work; from the challenges, to the satisfaction of helping the community. They will even have questions for you. You’ll meet local merchants and vendors, community leaders, police officers, and a multitude of friendly faces from around the city.

Just blocks from ALPI is the towering “Monumento” (the symbol of the city of Santiago). Built in the ‘40s, the monument serves a site that serves as a meeting destination for all Santiagueros and residents of the City of Santiago. If you ever go there you’ll notice something very much unique to this city; the absolute absence of any tourist traps. We have none there, it’s by far a tourism-free city. On Sunday’s people congregate on the grounds of the Monument to exercise, chat, fly kites, as well as take in the view of the city and valley. Santiago is the city where you can really taste a slice of typical Dominican life!


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